The Population Bomb

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bob Park in his archives of "What's new"( See: ) tells us that   


He also states that "Global warming, vanishing fisheries, vast ocean garbage patches, peak oil, perpetual warfare, all tell us the same thing.  There are just too many of us.  

Cap-and-trade is not going to solve our problem." 

Without mentioning "Cap and trade", Paul Erlich, with his book “The Population Bomb”, told us the same thing.

So did Donnela Meadows (Lead author of "Limits To Growth") in the early 70's.

Other activists / writers have conveyed similar messages for the past forty plus years.

Yet, not one political leader (Other than President Barack Obama and State Secretary Hillary Clinton - added this 29th Day of September 2016) has dared to step forward and identify the extent of the problems we face.

Why would any politician do so when the cost of such could be defeat in the next election?

Commitment to higher goals and values!

Ergo, if the world is to be saved as a viable habitat:

Those who are able to say and do what must be said and done MUST NOW DO SO.

Otherwise, we face a near future world of endless hunger amidst agitated weather patterns that will put all at risk.

Including those who refused to consider the mounting scope and range of problems; and depended on the greed of their fellow man to "Produce Market Oriented Solutions" to a madness we otherwise wholeheartedly embraced; ignoring our tommorrows and what any future descendants would say. 

(Read the applicable poetry . . available via “The Poet’s Soul") 

And . . please . .  start thinking about what must be done and what you can and must / should do to help move it to the forefront of everyone's vision.

Thank you.

Daniel J. Lavigne




Ghost grey,  

Industrial pall.   


Screening our greed,   

Hiding our gall.  

Deflecting our view   

Of a dust laden extinction.  

Answering our follies,   

Our demands of MORE!! 

D.J.L. Meanderings  Spring/85

- As discovered in -

“ManKind / ManCruel // A Choice - A Duty”

To Duty!