Our Sole Chance Of Survival!

Acknowledge Reality’s Dictates!

We face an existential crisis, the nature of which most, infected by the madness of greed for “More!”, will do nothing to help prevent.

Due such: We have waited far too long! And face the loss of our Habitable Zones and the food thereby produced. Reality dictates that most will start starving by Spring 2022 and Humanity rendered EXTINCT BY 2026.

Our Sole Chance Of Survival!

MANDATE A STOP TO ALL PRODUCTION & RELEASE OF HEAT to our atmosphere. That, plus efforts to maintain ATMOSPHERIC DIMMING via the use of high altitude aircraft.

I propose that all Nations RECOGNIZE SUCH; AND FORCE ALL TO HEED 🦊 StopYourEngines.com 🦊 & ENGINEER an ALL-OUT effort to produce and maintain that upper atmospheric dimming!


Thank you!

Daniel J. Lavigne  

🦊  Humanitys-Choice.com  🦊


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