Stop Your Engines!

- February, 2010 -

Earth’s temperature is rising. And rising to such an extent that we could soon be unable to cope or grow our food. 

The reality of those temperatures, and how such threatens our near future, is well known to the science community.

They drove the development of “Ice Ages”, as the earth tried to develop some semblance of balance, followed by periods of relatively stable temperatures conducive to life.

The world’s science community now speaks with one mind with respect to rapid global warming: 

Its here!

And its accelerating!

Wealthy individuals and Corporations who paid purportedly “skeptical scientists” to state that our understanding of such was based on insufficient knowledge of what is continuing to happen, have been found out.

However, there is no need, nor anything to be gained, by naming such individuals or Corporations.

That they actually tried (And continue to try! - Added this 29th day of September, 2016) to slow efforts to wake the world to the reality that our planet, due, in part, to inputs of some Seven Plus(!) (7+) Billion people and the Billions of animals raised for meat, is developing a “Runaway GreenHouse Heating” scenario, suggests that the reason behind our failure to face the facts is our collective infection by the madness of greed.

That we might be able to reverse the rising temperatures is doubtful.

Yet it should be recognised that failing to end our massive contribution to global warming via the use of fossil fuels, especially coal, guarantees the development of an atmosphere within which few, if any, will survive.

Indeed!  Added this January 7, 2011:

The message, given to us every day through new understanding of what has happened and will soon happen, including the release of methane through the permafrost in our northern latitudes, screams that we STOP what we are doing and prepare to live with much less than most can presently envision.

Unfortunately, our collective greed acts to deny the majority any meaningful possibility of developing knowledge, awareness and determination sufficient to confront the horror of an uncontrollable heating of our planet.

We are left with the reality that very few care to consider what individuals must do in order that humanity regain some form of sanity and confront this crisis as best we may.

In the early days of motorsports and events such as “The Indy 500”, race officials would invariably use the phrase “Gentlemen! Start your engines!”.

They, then, didn’t know what our flagrant misuse of oil, gas and other fossil fuels would lead to.

Now we know that humanity’s very survival is at stake; that we must start thinking of what has happened, why it happened . . . and what we must do in order to save our world:


Stop Your Engines!


The above identifies the threat we face.

Alas! What is required of us shall be much more difficult to identify and understand.

We must strive to have all understand that each successive decade since the 70’s has been warmer, on average, than the previous decade.

The failure of the Kyoto Accords and the Copenhagen summit to help us confront the reality of “Global Warming” can be readily understood when we acknowledge that our purported “Leaders” refused to consider various ways by which Humanity can mount an effective response.

A response that must lead to a FULL STOP of all activities that exacerbate the problem, including the poisoning of our air, water and the soils upon which we depend to grow our food; especially by Corporations that are determined to continue what they are doing, regardless the costs and consequences to all others in order that their endless hunger for profits be met.  

Note that the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and the severe losses suffered by the people hundreds of miles from the site of BP's "Blowout" displays the reality of Corporate greed; and our wilful ignorance of the now unavoidable future costs and consequences.

Our leaders refuse to do such due, they say, concerns for the “Energy” requirements of the Corporations that have installed them in power. A “Power” that they know can be wrested from their hands at any moment they fail to have the balance of humanity heed and abide by the demands of such Corporations.

It must also be recognized that suggestions as voiced at the failed Copenhagen Summit that we permit the planet to heat several more degrees before we take meaningful action, CONFIRMS our infection by the madness of greed. And the abandonment of our children to the needs of that greed!

If we permit that rise in temperature before deciding to act, 

we must recognize 

that such dooms our Children!


In order to save our children,

we must save our world! 

To do that we must heed the message:

“Stop Your Engines!”

It must be acknowledged that demands that we ignore the crisis, and trust politicians and their keepers to use such as “Carbon Credits” schemes to permit Corporations, due the enormity of their infection by greed, to carry on as usual, dooms us.



If we dare NOT confront this: 

When do we inform our children that we lack courage, wisdom and discipline sufficient to do what we must in order to try to save the planet upon which they must rely in order to “Live”?  

To this end I devote my efforts and time to have all children, worldwide, confront that which, unfortunately but realistically, paints their parents as supporters of greed’s most evil merchants. 

Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto 

Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Bang low your dirge to the sea.

Your sound so despond will not travel long

Your tune was not meant to be.


Drum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Speak soft of our crimes of the past

And sing loud the cry that truth had to die

In order that profits would last.


Cry Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Sing soft the lies of our greed

And peal plaintive song of needs all gone wrong

And air unfit to breathe.


Hum soft all the bells! 

To an empty world tell! 

Of Kyoto's smiles and deceit!

Hum soft all the bells! 

To an empty world tell!

The greed of lies on spreadsheets!


Copyright December 8, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne


All across the world, in every kind of environment and region known to man, increasingly dangerous weather patterns and devastating storms are abruptly putting an end to the long-running debate over whether or not climate change is real. Not only is it real, it's here, and its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new global phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster. -

Barack Obama, speech, Apr. 3, 2006



© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016